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By A Correspondent

It is an oft-repeated phenomenon. People finding success in a line of work with which they have had no prior connection. 

Joydeep Bakshi, the owner of Studio Echo, the hottest and one of the most in-demand recording studios in Kolkata and perhaps the eastern region of India, is one such entrepreneur. 

Joydeep's father, Dr. K.B. Bakshi is the legendary cardiologist of Kolkata who treated Oscar winning Director, Late Satyajit Ray. So his pursuing medicine as a profession would not have been surprising at all. A student of Science who later shifted to Commerce, probably with the idea of acquiring some kind of a management degree or starting his own business, Joydeep was forever a tinkerer. And that eventually led to his finding his forte with technology. "I had never imagined opening a state-of-the-art digital recording studio," he mused. But Joydeep breathed music, and no matter what he did, music beckoned him like nothing else. "Music has always been a driving force in my life," he added. 

Joydeep was a gifted vocalist but missed out on an opportunity to formally train, like many children of his generation. To pursue a career in music was uncommon for the son of a doctor as well-established as his father and Joydeep joined the multitude and ignored his heart's calling. He began with a finance job at a major corporate house but soon realized that working for others did not excite him. Later on, when Dr. Bakshi began a very successful nursing home he joined hands and ran its administration for almost 12 years. However, he quit when he decided to pursue something on his own and began an HR Consultancy. During that period the idea of starting a studio was planted in his head by a friend.

Joydeep was already into this kind of work from long before he started the business. He would do mixing and mastering of different kinds of songs and music as a hobby. This led him to do some research on the opportunities and demands before he took off with a bang.​ "What could be greater than being able to make your passion your profession?" questioned Joydeep as his assistant worked furiously on his phones to keep up with innumerable bookings.

Among others, Joydeep's biggest inspiration has always been Kishore Kumar's singing and R. D. Burman's, Salil Choudhury's and Ilaiyaraaja's music, followed by Hans Zimmer when it came to making background scores.​

Joydeep's love for mixing and mastering shows in his work. For instance, whenever he heard two or more songs that sounded somewhat similar in tune or rhythm/beat, he had a tendency to try and mix them together in such a way that they sounded like one single song.​ Gradually, he began getting requests from friends to do party mixes or AV backgrounds for them.

Now his labour of love, Studio Echo is the first stop for established and new artists alike.

​Personally, the biggest challenge that Joydeep faces is his inability to play any musical instrument. He admitted this makes him technically handicapped and hence, largely dependent on others. But his ear for music is unmistakable and known citywide.

Joydeep pointed out that adulation comes second to the satisfaction one gets when one is able to produce great sound - be it of any kind. Not only does Studio Echo dub and record with outstanding quality, it provides easy-on-the-wallet packages to budding and struggling singers and musicians who look forward to coming out with their new albums but are confronted with too many speed-breakers.

​​Witness to the unprecedented success of Studio Echo, Joydeep plans to expand into a full- fledged Audio and Video editing house very soon. “A place where a filmmaker steps in with all his raw work and steps out ready to release it.” He is also quick to point out that no matter how much his business grows, Joydeep Bakshi would always be there for the little guys - newcomers and talented singers and musicians that suffer due to few or lack of resources.

Men like Joydeep Bakshi are still around. With their large hearts. And they are a blessing to artists and music lovers alike.

Joydeep Bakshi and Studio Echo can be reached at http://www.studioecho.net/contact.html

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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