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Dhritimaan Abilizing Infinity Foundation

By a Correspondent

Infinity of minds is one crucial piece which is missing in today’s quest for transformation of the world. No matter what resources are deployed on food, shelter, health and education on the underprivileged — unless we sensitize ourselves to ‘abilize’ their minds with the power of dignity, self-belief and passion, it would be impossible for us to make our society throb and radiate. A 21 year old conceived this belief and propelled a movement for mind-engineering to steer this belief to reality.

Dhritimaan, the only child of Kuntal and Lopa Sen, left his near and dear ones at the tender age of 21. He, however, left behind his niche thinking, ignited by his infinite mind, fed on the ideas of Darwin, Einstein, Huxley, Dawkins, J.K. Krishnamurthy, Buddhism, the Bible, the Bhagawad Gita, Greek mythology. What is even more impactful is that, Dhritimaan did not stop merely at self- absorbing these ideas; he also hand-held ‘abilizing’ the minds of others with these ideas.

This unique Foundation mirrors Dhritimaan’s passion of ‘abilizing’ the minds of a cross-section of people irrespective of the fact whether they are deprived or adequately placed. Significantly, the word abilizing is deliberately coined. It signifies that the Foundation attempts to ignite the minds of the people by targeted projects on ‘abilizing’ diverse symbols of soft power. Abilizing as distinct from ‘enabling’ is self-inspirational by mind-engineering. It is not externally driven capacity building. Since this is ‘abilizing’, the Foundation does not want to diminish its target groups by obligating them to charity. This is a movement of ‘abilizing’ survival with purpose, not just for sustenance.

Some Projects of the Foundation are:

Abilizing Fun:  The Foundation has sponsored a play zone in a Government School in Ranchi, India.  A seesaw, a slide, some music, a carpeted floor and a couple of board games have now made their school an attractive destination for the day and thereby increased the attendance considerably.

Abilizing Tech: Kindles have been given to schools and a Teacher Training Institute in tribal areas in Jharkhand, India to give them a feel of tech-learning and exposure to technology. The excitement it created is tangible and pulsating. 

Abilizing Love for Books: A library is being set-up in the lobby of a Housing Society, Mumbai, to popularize reading amongst the residents, especially the elderly and the kids who spend considerable amount of their free time there.

Abilizing Self-reliance:   A project to revive an in- house hand loom, (TantGhar) in a Home for Underprivileged Girls, Sursuna, Kolkata has been taken up. The idea is to enable the Home to weave and market daily use products, and find a way to viable self-financing.

Dhritiman’s vision is being fulfilled.  The journey of abilizing infinity continues.

JULY 2018

Vol. 12 - No. 12


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